Design Build Solutions

At Hi-Tech, over 30% of our HVAC construction projects are done on a design/build basis. We offer custom mechanical design/build services for commercial HVAC systems. Design/build commercial HVAC construction projects use a single manager or management firm from Hi-Tech responsible for both the design and construction of a project. When you choose Hi-Tech as your mechanical contractor for your custom HVAC system, design/build is a guaranteed service in addition to value engineering and preventative maintenance.

Why Use HVAC Design/Build?

  1. It provides a single point of accountability, eliminating potential disputes between the design professional and the contractor.
  2. Our Design Team will work with you to identify your objectives, manage contractual details, and evaluate options to maximize energy efficiency, sustainability and cost validation.
  3. Lines of communication are simplified, allowing for better design, a faster project delivery, and a more reliable HVAC system.
  4. The project becomes a unified system allowing for early starts on construction and early procurement of critical materials.
  5. Construction costs are locked in by eliminating the change orders that permeate the plan and spec construction delivery method.

What Does HVAC Design/Build Deliver?

  1. Design Build saves money averaging cost reductions of 6% over traditional project delivery systems.*
  2. Design Build saves time by delivering the project in 33% less time.*
  3. Customers have a minimum 10% higher owner satisfaction measured one year after project completion.*

Industrial Design/Build Services

We have carried out HVAC design/build services for the following markets:

  1. Commercial
  2. Industrial and Manufacturing
  3. Laboratories
  4. Healthcare
  5. Data Centers
  6. Education
Need more information on Hi-Tech Sheet Metal Design/Build process or already know what you are looking for? Contact Hi-Tech today to save money and time while improving efficiency during the HVAC system construction process!